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This week China Daily European Weekly published my bureau chief reporter stationed in the European Union to pay respect for the Brussels think tank 'Friends of Europe 'policy director at the Islamic Sada exclusive interview in English, the translation is as follows:

Shada Islam considers practical means based on trust will help improve relations between China and the EU, she suggested Brussels aspects should change stereotypes of China, to accept the new reality.

Islam is the transformation of European affairs correspondent eminent experts, currently in Brussels think tank - Friends of Europe policy director, she argues Brussels aspects need to work with Beijing on a range of issues to promote more informal consultations. 'What we need now is Frank does not punctilious promote understanding, June Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Barack Obama an estate in California is an example of the talks. 'she said, although China and Europe on the current problems in bilateral relations, but she hopes leaders vision and foresight to be able to push forward China-EU relations, and therefore, EU leaders should also hold talks with the American manor, deepen understanding(

Islam believes that dialogue between China and the EU will help to eliminate the idea that stereotypes affect bilateral relations under the concept of Islamic Studies is committed to China and Asia, has thirty years of her leadership in Brussels that the next year will herald a new adjustment bilateral relations, including the new term of the European Commission, the new EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy and the newly elected European Parliament. 'Starting next year, we will see more of fresh thinking to solve bilateral issues and methods.' she said.

Islam in her office in the center of Brussels, said the rise of Asia, especially China, as Brussels has sounded a wake-up call, she said: 'I hope that the new EU leaders to take a more solid, visionary and has strategic planning, has been changed to be more aware of global realities. '

Islam further explain their point of view, pointing out that Brussels is always clinging to China and other Asian countries, the old view, but the fact is that Asia has changed in many ways, which requires us to reconsider EU policy on Asia, China and Europe are facing many common challenge: to meet the needs of their people's expectations for growth and development, are facing tough surroundings. Moreover, for the same deal with China and other Asian countries, the EU needs to be converted, treat them as equal partners.

Ongoing contact with the Chinese demand is steadily increasing(News News China's reform agenda and its huge market for European companies are becoming increasingly important. Islamic opinion of China's changing perceptions is amazing, which need to be more careful study , but it also led to some misunderstandings. 'I believe that within Europe on how to deal with China is still a lot of confusion, but Europe is not the only confusing another.' She believes that Brussels and Beijing areas that need a good deal of each other's expectations.

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