Haikou cracked down hard on illegal construction before the end of the illegal building 1.28 million square meters

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Haikou cracked down hard on illegal construction before the end of the illegal building 1.28 million square meters

September 23 afternoon, Xiuying District, Haikou, more than ten units machine guns in the removal of illegally built. Luo Yunfei photo

Haikou cracked down hard on illegal construction before the end of the illegal building 1.28 million square meters

A seven-storey illegal building collapsed. Luo Yunfei photo

BEIJING, Haikou September 23 (Reporter Wang Zaiqian) Haikou City on the 23rd expand 'urban management year' integrated campaign. As one focus of the city in the next three months time illegal building 1(http://www.best-news(News News http://www.best-news.us/).us/).28 million square meters, average of at least a month in each district illegal building 80,000 square meters.

Haikou Mayor Ni Qiang said that the presence of illegal buildings severely damaged the Haikou City Planning, serious damage to social fairness and justice, the majority of the minority against the common interests of the people. Combating illegally built mainly for built-up area, the main city limits the first and second class roads, landscape Road, the main route, an important node and its surrounding, the focus shanty towns, city reconstruction area, within the scope of key projects, drinking water protection areas, ecological reserves and other key area, key sections of the illegal building. 'malicious and get the building, seek compensation, to focus on cracking down, never allow a small number of people for personal gain and disrupt order in the city, trampling public law.' he said.

Ni strong set a military order: Haikou year to be completed by the end of 1.28 million square meters of illegal building tasks, the first half of next year to complete key project area, shantytowns demolition of illegal construction within the region, next year basically completed by the end of the main city of the illegal building demolished.

'Bang' a loud noise, Longhua District, Haikou City, a seven-storey illegal building collapsed, dust to spread around. Reporter 23 pm in Longhua District, Haikou City Xiuying District and see, municipal leaders led the illegal building Working Group began its illegal building operations. illegal building site 10 sets of machine guns on the ruins of the fallen in just broken slabs, site machines roaring sound. 'four-storey frame structure illegally built, from the morning began to open up more than 3 hours . 'inspectors Lin Ching-Hui said, mostly because of illegal construction rush there are quality problems, prone to' House YY ',' House crunchy 'situation.

In recent years, with the growing scale of Haikou city, in municipal facilities built around strong growing illegal construction, according to the city's Municipal Committee introduced since 2009 to July of this year, Haikou City has more illegal building 5398 4000000 square meters, but the situation is still grim illegally built, where the villagers to meet their own needs construction, building rental, small property a variety of reasons.

Haikou City Haikou City, had just issued a << illegal construction classification and disposal Interim Measures >> << Haikou Municipal People's Government to carry out comprehensive improvement action illegal building work program >> and other documents, to further accelerate the pace of urban construction, improve urban quality.

Haikou Municipal Committee, deputy director Liu said that in order to achieve a harmonious illegal building, to ensure there are no difficulties in people's lives, the city will take all the demolition, removal and suspension of partial demolition of illegally built a total of three treatment means.

Haikou four district today illegally built 28,927 square meters of demolition The city Xiuying District Vice Mayor Chen said that the illegal buildings will resolutely crack down, not any compensation.

The presence of illegally built villagers refused an interview, but the surrounding masses of this action supportive of view. 'Affected the image of the city illegally built, some of the construction quality is not up to become a hazard.' Citizen Chen Shishun also suggested the government illegally built in the campaign can be appropriately reduced while threshold for private homes to be built, can explore new forms to reduce illegal construction in a split in the construction of a waste.

In addition to powerful demolition of illegally built outside, Haikou rectification work will be combined with severely punished building behind the existence and use of illegal construction bartering seek illegal interests and other criminal acts, illegal construction cut gray interests of the chain.

(Original title: Haikou cracked down hard on illegal construction before the end of the illegal building 1.28 million square meters

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