2013 Chengdu CDC community health education activities into xipuzhen

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Chengdu, Sichuan News Network September 23 News (trainee reporter Ms Lisha Hou) reporter learned from the Municipal Center for Disease Control, CDC organizations Chengdu Chengdu Women and Children Central Hospital, Pi CDC, Xipu community health service centers of 16 medical workers who came Xipu town square in xipuzhen opened under parastic health knowledge propaganda point, to carry out health education and promotion and clinic activities.

Event, the working group for the masses free blood pressure and health counseling, health promotion information released, health education poster, health literacy bags and so on. Chengdu Women and Children Hospital Center two pediatric and gynecological clinic experts and consulting local residents to promote maternal and child health care knowledge.

The rural health education campaigns, promotional materials were distributed more than 1,000 copies, bags 300. Clinic consultation 283 people, the majority of residents surly get benefits through health education and promotion, disease prevention and spread of knowledge, improve the villagers' health literacy, by the local people for the warm welcome and praise(http://www.best-news.us/).

(Original title: 2013 Chengdu CDC community health education activities into xipuzhen

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