Killing two men fled with the boning knife finally arrested after 15 years

Published: 1900-1-1 January 1,1900  Views: 19

BEIJING, Sept. 23, Taiyuan Power (Liu Jia) September 23, Taiyuan Public Security Bureau of external communications Wanbailin, boning knife 15 years ago with the brutal murder of two men were suspects Fumou arrested recently in Qinghai.

It is understood, December 16, 1998 afternoon, Wanbailin District Tiger Village murder occurred, the victim suffered multiple Zhang brothers was stabbed with a boning knife, after she died.

After the incident, Taiyuan Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Police immediately launched Wanbailin site survey and case detection. After investigation, the suspect and his brother Fumou Department, the parent trio, his father had died, his brother in 2004 Baotou arrested, but Fumou disappeared after the incident.

Police have not given up the arrest of a deal in the 'breaking murder backlog, chasing fugitive murder' special action deployment, Wanbailin branch tackling the murder fugitive as a key target, re-sort the merits, access files and transcripts, and repeated visits Henan Shangcai Mopai visit their countries of origin, gathered around their social relations than the right kinds of information on the activities of tracks and hiding place to sort out the investigation, information from a large number of suspicious unraveling, in one fell swoop to lock the fugitive could be hiding in Xining(

September 10 evening, the police rushed to Xining City night drive control and inspection organizations arresting .9 February 18, after a week of squatting dispatched, finally succeeded in the murder fugitive captured this point, the case of all fugitive suspects were all brought to justice. ( END)

(Original title: Shanxi a man with a boning knife killed two people fled 15 years after the end of the arrest)

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