Children suck their dog bites Father "Noxious" death

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Children suck their dog bites Father 'Noxious' death

Did not play for the money vaccines, more than a month after the onset of rabies

A month ago, after seeing his son was a broken leg after a stray dog, 41-year-old child eager to save Jiangmou repeatedly son sucking mouth and spit blood at the wound after his son timely injection of rabies vaccine, and the river one does not agree, there is no injection of rabies vaccine. days ago, Jiangmou feeling unwell, the hospital diagnosed with rabies .24 am, Jiangmou died. Yangzi

Son was bitten by dogs

Their father sucked out 'Noxious'

According to villagers, Jiangmou 41-year-old, is Sihong qingyangzhen re-post communities who .8 May 19 morning, the son of a small river in front Jiangmou when cleaning is a small stray dog ​​bites to his left leg muscles. Xiaojiang father and neighbors heard screams have driven over and killed a dog bite.

To see his son pain straight hum, Jiangmou distressed, then Jiangmou make an amazing move, he bent down, his mouth sucking son wound, the inside of the 'Noxious' sucked out, spit to the ground, he consecutive suck, spit seventy-eight before some peace of mind( Subsequently, Jiangmou his son to the hospital in time injection of 'rabies vaccine', but did not play Jiangmou own. Jiangmou neighbors also said: 'I no vaccination, the vaccination afford to keep. '

After more than a month

His father died of rabies attack

Three days ago, Jiangmou feeling unwell, to send their families to a hospital in Nanjing diagnosed as 'rabies.' Because the disease is incurable, and the patient's family had to give up the treatment. September 23 evening, the hospital by ambulance to be sent home door, Jiangmou suddenly feeling out of control, agitated, smashed many ambulance car window glass and many ambulance equipment. deployed police station will re-post car Jiangmou away village, ready to sent to the county Department of Infectious Diseases, a hospital for treatment, but on the road, suddenly reined Jiangmou old father with the car neck, right hand holding glass fragments, threatening his father responsible for cure(News News officers tried to rescue his father after 24 am, Jiangmou was sent to the hospital a few hours later, died.

Experts advise

Suqian a hospital epidemiology experts say, dog bites, they should be careful not to breathe through your mouth, first and foremost is to clean the wound disinfected first with a concentration of 20% of the soapy wash the wound for 15-20 minutes, rinse after completion wound squeeze out some of the blood, and then use alcohol, iodine and other medical disinfectants disinfection of the wound, go to the CDC fight rabies vaccine.

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