Swift joined the "award winner" and Streep learn acting

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Swift joined the "award winner" and Streep learn acting Taylor - Swift (Taylor Swift and Meryl - Streep (Meryl Streep

LOS ANGELES Beijing on September 28, according to foreign media reports, the country pop small day Houtai Le - Swift (Taylor Swift) is coming up with Meryl - Streep (Meryl Streep), Jeff - Bridgetown Adams (Jeff Bridges), etc. ofActor co starred in the adolescent science fiction film adaptation of best-selling book by award << >> (The Giver). This will be her valentine from 2010 << >> (Valentine's Day) after first big screen work.

By >> << granted by the Weinstein Company (The Weinstein Company) and Walton Company (Walden Media) combined shooting, the film based on Lewis - Raleigh (Lois Lowry) 1993 年 novel of the same name. Tells the story in the future, there is a utopian communities, where people live seemingly perfect life, no sickness, pain and sorrow, but the cost of this kind of life is that people of all acts are to be ordained, can not have their own will, it can not have feelings (http://www.best-news.us/).

12-year-old Jonas (Jonas) living in this community, but he is the addition of a talent than others, he was able to see the color, know how to listen to music, so Jonas was chosen as the new 'memory recipients' from 'granted by' the old world to the knowledge he taught for Jonas, those are already annihilation in his world of things: There is violence, grief and loss, also there is love, beauty, joy, adventure and family Eventually, insight into these feelings Jonas determination to change this community, so emotional return to the world.

<< >> Will be granted by Philip - Noyes (Philip Noyce) director, currently known actors have joined: Brandon - Si Huaizi (Brenton Thwaites) will play the male lead Jonas (Jonas), Merry Seoul - Streep (Meryl Streep) will be responsible for monitoring the entire community elders committee chairman, is also a big villain, Jeff - Bridges (Jeff Bridges) will play on the term 'memory recipients' that is imparted to Jonas Old World Knowledge 'award by' Katie - Holmes (Katie Holmes) will be played by Jonas's mother, Alexander - 斯卡加斯德 (Alexander Skarsgard) and Taylor - Swift (Taylor Swift) role temporarily unclear.

Granted by << >> October 7 this year, will start in Cape Town, August 15, 2014 release.


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