America banned Chinese scientists to participate in seminars NASA accused of discrimination (Figure)

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America banned Chinese scientists to participate in seminars NASA accused of discrimination (Figure) Data for the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA prohibits Chinese people to participate in international conferences boycott U.S. scientists

China Network Oct. 6 hearing, according to the UK << Guardian >> Website October 5 reported that the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to affect national security as an excuse for Chinese scientists (including Chinese scientists working in the United States) to participate an academic conference, U.S. researchers that the ban was strong confrontation.

United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration officials cited a law passed in March this year, rejected the Chinese scientists in California next month to participate in an Ames Research Center (Ames) meeting application, the Act prohibits any person entering China NASA building(http://www(News News

The law is a U.S. Congressman Frank Wolf (Frank Wolf) initiated an aggressive move part of Wolf is chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, authority in NASA over the surface to anti-spyware legislation refused expatriates into NASA's amenities.

However, the ban angered many U.S. scientists who said they lab Chinese students and researchers targeted discrimination by the growing number of scientists refused to participate in the meeting and join the ranks of protest, some well-known scholars to an individual or research team nominal exit the meeting.

The conference is an international and U.S. Kepler space telescope organized research projects, the project is mainly looking for signs of planets outside the solar system, specialized in this field for scientists, this conference is a major event on the academic calendar .

Alan Persia (Alan Boss) is one of the sponsors of this meeting, he refused to talk about the developments, but said: 'This is not scientific events is unfortunate political issue.'

UC Berkeley professor of astronomy Geoff Marcy (Geoff Marcy), said that this ban was 'totally shameful and immoral.' He was of extraterrestrial planets or planets outside our solar system has made an outstanding contribution is expected to win Nobel Prize.

In a message to the meeting organizer, the Marci said: 'For my conscience, I can not attend a meeting of this discriminatory, the meeting mainly discussed in trillions of miles away planets, without involving the so-called national security. '

He told the Guardian << >> Reporter: 'The United States will be used solely for scientific research scientists exclude specific countries, it is totally immoral.'s Behavior unacceptable violation of conscience, which is the bottom line.'

Yale University professor of astronomy Dai Bula Fisher (Debra Fischer) said that when her lab China Postdoctoral Ji (sound) refused to participate in the meeting, she really understands the ban exists. Nasa Confirms grounds of nationality Ji rejected the request, Fisher decided to leave the meeting, she told Ji: 'I can not say I do not go, but I want to boycott this conference.' Immediately, her research team also announced its withdrawal.

NASA permitted by law in some special cases injunction invalid, but NASA Administrator Charles Bolden (Charles Bolden) has been postponed for amnesty, so that any appeal will be dismissed.

Chinese applicants will be invited to participate declined to reply to a message, the return is the NASA Kepler project team expert Mark Messersmith (Mark Messersmith). 'Very unfortunate ...... March of this year the United States passed laws prohibit any Chinese citizen participate in the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration and other departments held a meeting, taking into account security issues, Congress has recently taken action to other agencies working in the United States also apply to Chinese citizens the ban. '

Recent moves including the U.S. Congress passed the bill in June this year the new provisions to prohibit any form of NASA funds to cooperate with China. Caused by the clause providing funds to support NASA scientists panic, they may not continue absolutely cooperation with China, and no longer receive Chinese students.

Marci said the bill undermines the link between China and the U.S. researchers, if in the future of Sino-US conflict broke out, this is a fuse.

British Astronomer Royal Martin Rees (Martin Rees) said that he fully supported the view Marci, called 'America's ban was a stone on their own feet.'

Chris Lin Stout (Chris Lintott) is a British astronomer at the University of Oxford, he called for a thorough boycott the conference until the problem is completely resolved, he said: 'to impose political science, I was shocked and disturbed, the scientific should be accessible to everyone, because of limited research nationality who attended the meeting, which is contrary to the principle of many years of practice, like going back to the Cold War when the relationship between Russia and the West physicist. '

'Kepler project meetings should be moved to other place - I want everyone to boycott the ban until it is completely resolved.'

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